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Bhand Jameeai ~ Feminine Power
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Yipeee!   💐   💐   💐


This song is the first single from my upcoming album of Shabads (mystical Sikh songs).
It is about respecting the unique power of a woman.


This album will be a collection of prayers I have loved and recorded over the years.
For me it is an act of gratitude, respect and honouring
all this sacred path has shared and opened in me along the journey 🌷

I dedicate this initial track to all the woman and girls in 3HO who were abused, manipulated or taken advantage of in any way. May the healing and empowerment in the world and in spiritual communities continue breath by breath, hand in hand 🙏🏽


Thank you woman, you are so beautiful and divine in every way 🌸🙏🏽🌸


May the feminine in all beings, all faiths, cultures and lands be cherished, respected, protected, listened to, and loved.






Madeleine ~ Bachan

Read more about this song, the album, lyrics and links to the Shabad on my music site here ~  

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invisible friends1.jpg

ALBUM out MARCH 2022

This album is a chance collection of songs from 2013 - present.
It is an ode to and reflection on, friendship.


For friends separated and connected by time and space.
For friends lost to distance, addiction, homelessness, death.
For cosmic friends, spiritual friends, angels and guides. 

For friends we’ve never met.
For friends in everyday things.

For friends in the world beyond…

Friends of isolation, friends of belonging.

Friends with the best and worst parts,
of ourselves and each other…

Coming and going, 

We dance into and out of each others arms.
All in the same ship…

A Friendship.


Thanks to it all


I love you

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