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A Personal Letter from Bachan


Sometimes it’s hard to be human.

to be in a body.

to be on earth.

the infinite expanse of love, 

trying to fit into one tiny heart.

the infinite expanse of light,

trying to fit into a tiny shimmer in the grass.

the infinite expanse of ocean,

trying to fit into one tiny drop.


eeps! why even bother?

I guess that’s the cosmic joke. 

it keeps the one who created all this entertained,

at least i hope!






So i’ve tried to understand who I am, why I’m here, and blah blah blah….

the answer’s always pretty simple:

to shine, love and smile.


and yet it can feel so complicated in between, especially when what you feel like doing is hide, mope and cry.

So I make things to fill in the gaps, to ease the confusion, the pain, the suffering.


All of the art, music and offerings that come through me, come from different aspects of my personal human experience.  It is my hope that it’s kind of like that surprise treat bag from the candy store when you were little.

You gamble and pay your 50 cents, not knowing what’s inside.

But, when you open it up, there’s sure to be the perfect thing for you and the people around you. 

Something to meet you where you are at, and make life a little sweeter, put a smile on your face. 

There’s likely some junk in there too. In an ideal world, one person’s trash is another’s treasure...

But lets be honest, it might just be, junk, oh well, better out than in, we’re all just doing the best we can.


Enjoy, and thanks for the love.

keep it simple.

Dance, sing, love

and most of all….

forgive the ocean for trying to fit into a tiny drop,

it just wanted a laugh, or a cry, or something…


with Love

madeleine bachan kaur

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