Bachan Kaur is a Canadian artist who lives to inspire the spread of healing, wholeness, joy and liberation through music and art.


She is a unique voice, channeling lifetimes of spiritual devotion through her creative passion for dance, electronic and world music.  

Bachan's sound weaves heaven & earth, self & collective, stillness & expression, past, present and future ... with love.

She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since the age of 18 and teaching for 14 years.  Through it's practice she fell deeply in love with the power of sound and blossomed as a sacred music artist, producing 7 diverse albums, several singles and releasing magical music videos that are well-loved in the yoga world and beyond.  


Alongside her yogic practice, she has devoted many years to earth consciousness and healing in Mexico, Canada and the USA. Her music is worldly in nature, weaving diverse genres, languages, traditions and frequencies of the heart. She travels frequently offering Kirtan (sacred collective singing) and playshops that combine yoga, music, singing, dance, visioning and art to awaken the voice of the soul, nurture the creative spirit and uplift the vibration of the earth.


She recently completed her Masters in Art Education and secondary teaching degree in British Columbia. Her latest album release was in June 2016 entitled “Many Moons” dedicated to her birth mother Hilary who passed from depression. Bachan continues to work on music, facilitate Kirtan and offer private and group creative facilitation. She is excited to be currently working on the release of new music, including several collaborative artistic projects.  






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Madeleine Bachan Kaur music, art, kundalini yoga

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