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Je suis Madeleine,

also known as Bachan Kaur. 

I love to create as an expression of 
appreciation, love and connection with life. 


I play with space, colour, sound and silence

 to explore and reflect upon
the beauties and difficulties of being alive.

Creations are woven as prayers, offerings and meditations; for the human heart, Mother Earth,
and the passage of time. 


I hope you find something that inspires and reconnects

 you with a sense of appreciation and presence in the fabric of being.


From my heart to yours, 


Madeleine ~ Bachan Kaur






M U S I C.    The sound of Bachan Kaur’s voice can make you forget what you’re doing and remember who you are.


Diverse cultural, spiritual and musical influences infuse her sound, weaving a tapestry of kaleidoscopic luminescence. 

You’ll hear multiple languages dancing between sparse dreamy electronica, organic earthy acoustics, soul stirring poetics, and the occasional boom and clack. Bachan’s sincerity invites you into the mystical nature of your soul where complexities, dissonance and sorrows are welcomed and soothed. Mother earth and the human heart are the bread and butter of this artist’s intention and you can taste it in every song.


Bachan has self-produced and released 7 albums alongside singles and creative music videos that are cherished in yoga studios, sacred ceremonies and earbuds around the globe. Primarily a visual artist, her sound breathes with the immersive quality of a painter chasing rainbows while singing lullabies.  She is honoured to announce the release of her latest single “Abuelita” on March 21st, 2021, available on all streaming services. 

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