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a gathering of soul songs


Bachan offers Kirtan where we chant, sing, pray, heal, dance, celebrate and be love.

Join community to share in one of the most beautiful joys of life - song! Infuse your heart with healing vibrations of love, inspiration and beauty to elevate the spirit. Bring your heart, your voice, your prayers, your love, and comfy clothes. 

15 years ago, through Kundalini Yoga, Bachan fell in love with the power of music to awaken spirit, wholeness and joy. Her live music and 5 recorded albums are well-loved in the yoga world and beyond. She has been living in Mexico, Canada and the USA and looks forward to sharing an evening of music and mantras in gurmukhi, spanish, sanskrit and other languages. 


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Have you always wanted to write or listen to a special song that reflects your soul? 


I can help you tune in to your soul frequency and we will co-create a special song just for you that I will record and send to you!


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Personal Musical coaching in person or through skype.


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