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Bachan has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2002.


She is available to facilitate the following classes in your community:






Voice of the Soul

(4 or more hours)



Workshop to connect to the voice within - for healing, creativity and joy!

Join Bachan Kaur on a journey towards the inner source of love, joy and beauty. 

We will use tools of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, mantras, song, vocal and other exercises toconnect to our unique soul voice. Deepen your relationship with your voice and learn techniquesto bring more song, light, love and creativity into your daily life. 


You do not have to be singer to come to this class, it is for everyone - Come have fun!

Please wear comfy clothes.






Creative Spirit
(4 hours to all day)


an EPIC CREATIVE ADVENTURE for the ARTIST in everyone!

What creative energy is singing in your heart these days? 

EXPLORE and TAP IN to your soul power and it's visions for creative manifestation in the world. 

DEVELOP steps and tools needed to support you bringing it to life.

NURTURE yourself in an environment of safety, curiosity, fun and positivity to discover and feed your deepest visions and hearts calling.


We will do yoga, dance, sing, dream, vision and document / create to support the artist flowing through you.


Please bring comfy clothes, a journal, and lunch (there will be a one hour break).




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