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"From time to time, I fall madly in love with an artist when listening to their album.

That happened to me when I first heard Many Moons. Bachan's voice is pure spun magic."


Jai-Jagdeesh - Kirtan Artist

"Sensitive, kind and innocent with bouts of strength and joy is how I have known Bachan Kaur and the sounds that come through her. She is as organic as her music, rising from who she is, is becoming, and who she chooses to be."

Gurunam Singh - Kirtan musician

"music for the soul, sharing a spirited return to the heart and inspiring healing in every note"

Delvin Solkinson - permaculture teacher

"When I hear Bachan Kaur chanting, it takes me right into a meditative feeling inside.  She is right in touch with that inner space."


Snatam Kaur - Kirtan musician

"Bachan Kaur's music has a transformational purity that allows the listener to go deep into their own healing force.  I play her music in my treatment room all the time and love the impact that it has on my patients."

Japa K. Khalsa - Doctor of Oriental Medicine

"Bachan Kaur ~ there is a sweet innocence and deep love that emanates from her music that just makes me want to be still when I hear her, open my heart and receive."

Sukhdev from Aykanna - musician

"Bachan’s music is simply angelic.  She has a sweetness to her voice that carries you into the heavens and can take you into the deepest meditation or relaxation.  We play her music often at PranaShanti Yoga Centre and the students just love it!. "

Devinder Kaur - Yoga Studio owner

"I love your music! We have played it mostly actually to help our kids
sleep or when they were sleeping.
I will never forget playing it non - stop for my son as he battled
cancer. It always created a very peaceful and soothing environment.
There is a very authentic and genuine nature to your music. His Nurses
always commented how peaceful his room was."

Qurban Singh - Yoga Teacher

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